Taken For Granted


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Today I want to ask a you all about something? Do you also feel the way I felt at some moment in my Life!!

That People Take you for Granted?

They respond us when they feel like.

They come to us when they feel like.

They love us when they feel like

They care for us when they feel like.

They show gestures when they feel like.

They talk to us when they feel like.

They make us feel good when they feel like.

All I felt that some times you are taken for granted as the other person knows we are not going to go anywhere so they get right to treat us as they want. 


Can we define Love







Well I don’t know why I am writing this.This is a thought that came to me and wanted to express.Actually was thinking what is Love and can anyone can literally define it.

If you feel connected with someone that is LOVE !

If you want to be with someone that is LOVE!

If you can’t be away from your loved ones that is LOVE!

If you want to be with your babies that is LOVE!

If you see someone in pain and that effects you as well that is LOVE!

If you want good for something and keep on praying for them that is LOVE!

I mean is there any parameter to measure how much Love is perfect or this much love is short or this is enough.I know no one can actually define what LOVE IS?Than how one can measure LOVE?

Please Share your thoughts and let me know about my post ? Let me know have you ever think like this?Waiting for your comments.






In Love With You

Hi Everyone,Hope you all are doing great.
Just wrote something and feel like to share with you all.
Please let me know if you like it.
I m not a poet but just a thought so it might be not that apt.
She is one with sparkling eyes with her you feel so positive.
She is one with lively soul with her you will feel alive and great.
She is one with full of positive energy with her you will be calmed.
She is one with epitome of love with her you will fall in love again.
She is one with so much innocence with her you will evaluate yourself.
She is one with pure touch with her touch you feel so delighted.
She is one with golden heart with her you will evaluate your own heart.
She is one with beauty with her you will feel beautiful.
She is one with utmost peace with her you will feel relaxed.
She is one with innocent smile with her we will learn to laugh effortlessly.
She is one with fearless gestures with one you will learn to be fearless.
She is one with great voice and when she embrace you with her words she will make you lost in her.

Will Miss You Dear

My heart has almost stop and my tears rolled out my eyes and I am numb.

And next few minutes I was not able to react.
I am not able to deal with the loss of one of my colleague and can’t able to move on.I wanted to speak to his family but fall sort of words and courage to call them up.I want to be there for them maybe I am not physically with them but will always pray for them.
He was a thorough GEM. A person with full of life and laughter.A person who can make you smile in seconds.I have never seen him sad or angry despite of he himself going through a health problem which can’t be cured but strange his ongoing illness is not a reason for his demise its all of sudden.He was always smiling and making others smile and happy.He use to bring so much joy to people around him.
As far as i know him he was a surreal example of a happy living being.I remember his love for food and especially the restaurant food.He love sweets and crave for it.We always talk about his son as he was growing and getting naughtier.I remember how he use to get his son all the things he ask for.He was a perfect husband and a father,true friend.
But now he is not there.I or anybody can’t bring him back.Nobody can take away the pain of the grieving family he left behind. I pray for his family and pray for strength to face this loss.I know I can’t do much for him but will always be in my prayers.
He is gone and I pray his soul will remain happy as he was.
You will be missed by me and many of us always.
Rest in peace Dear.
My deepest condolence to family loss.


The other day i was travelling back home in a metro as i use to do everyday.

Once i changed and took yellow line I step in with another girl with me in same metro and we are standing as we are close friends and we do share smile as well.

A bunch of ladies sitting on metro floor and started starring at us,initially i felt uneasy n started checking myself as everything is fine like my dress,hair n all but than suddenly i realize they were starring at my fellow passenger the girl who step in with me,they started humming,whisper from all the ladies who are in their Ghunghat (Veil) and one by one starring at her and saying something.
I overheard them making comments on that girl about her dressing. To let u know she is a pretty girl in her early twenties and she is looking very pretty in her little skater dress which I am sure she is either going in a party as its a evening time and usually our line pass by the station where there are many party n happening hub and I often encounter those girl dressed up in that glam dress all set to party.
There is nothing wrong with this girl but you know how our society have an opinion about us “girls” No matter we do what not to keep everyone together but this society always have something or other to say.
Why can’t we just be what we want to be,wear what we feel comfortable in,behave as our mood is…either its to be simple or dramatic,loving,humble or whatever.Will do and look like Diva or like a simple next door girl or like sometimes just be those tomboy,or someday traditional one,someday to be bold n sexy.
Let us live and be free.

Self Realization

" Kasame waade pyaar wafa sab baate hain, baaton ka kya ?
Koi kisi ka nahin ye jhuthhe naate hain, naaton ka kya?

Hoga masiha saamane tere
Fir bhi n tu bach paayega
Tera apana khun hi akhir
Tujh ko ag lagaayega
Asamaan men udnewaale mitti men mil jaayega

Sukh men tere saath chalenge
Duhkh men sab mukh modenge 
Duniyaawaale tere banakar
Tera hi dil todenge
Dete hain bhagawaan ko dhokha insaan ko kya chhodenge "
You all must be thinking why i am started with this lines.Well to give you the background the lines above is running in my mind from past two weeks as this one of the popular song of “Manna Dey” and what a great composition.
And Damn its so true as well.You know what sometimes(in my case most of the time as i m very emotional person and get attached easily) we as a human being get too attached to the thing,place,person,relationship or whatsoever and than when it does not go as it suppose to be ,we go mad and angry.
Sometimes we just don’t get angry but get HURT and trust me there is a hell lot of difference in being angry and being hurt. When you get angry its last sometimes and fade away after you get the real solution for the same ,this is just not true in case you are hurt.
It gives you pain,somewhere you are broken,shattered.Something which keeps you pinching over and again,its comes and stay and go and that come again but never leave you forever.
We do realize things later as to why this has happened and its good it has happened sooner its better.Its not always that we get hurt because of the other person but sometimes its due to our own assumption,expectation,desire from that particular relationship,person or situation and all we left is with pain.
Pain created by our own believe,by trusting someone,by letting things happened on its own and not trying to control it initially.So do all this pain is what we worth for and is it good to just blame yourself for not being judgmental,for not being demanding,for not being interrupting,for being a follower of other wishes,for care,for love,for investing time and emotion.
Well,its good to get slapped once but not again as we all need to learn to protect yourself from being hurt as end of everything we are hurting our peace ,our soul,our believe.
Stop hurting yourself and be more practical than being emotional.
Protect yourself from you.


I am a shopaholic and what best these days to shop online!!!

Recently I was looking for some casual footwear so I was re-directed to this new online shopping portal http://www.factorypriceoutlet.com.

Firstly I was very skeptical about shopping from this site as they don’t have much information about them,also don’t have any customer care number and no customer support email id?

Also they only deliver in Delhi-NCR…Sorry For other cities Ladies..you will miss these deal!!

But they have good offer like ” Buy 4 pair of footwear in just 999″ .

So I thought why not give it a try as they are having COD option available without any COD charges so all you need to pay is just 999…WOW..I mean what else you need in this price.So I started looking their collection which is not much so you are left with few available products and that too if you are lucky having the size you want.

I liked the website and how it works as immediately it shows “the product is not available for that size once you choose your size and also show how many items for that size is available.So I choose 4 products………pause………….. pause…………. pause ……………. Hear me out Ladies——-They don’t have any size chart available for footwear so if you are very sure about your size than only order as they will not exchange or return the items as it in “SALE”.

I like their service as they have an option to raise query if you have any,so i asked to call me back if that is possible for them as I want to re-check about the size. I usually wear 38 for some and 39 for some as it differ from brand to brand.After placing the order I do got a call from a lady and she informed me all the policy and guided about my size as well so finally I ordered the correct size that is 39.

It was mentioned will take 7-10 days for delivery but I am quite Amazed the order got delivered the very second day.I like the products and first most thing it all fitted well.I loved and one pair is my favorite,well not expected for this price it will come out so good.

Pic and name of products.

1.Festival Ready – Golden – Shoe size : 39 “MY FAVORITE” 


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4.Make it double-Black – Shoe size : 39

Missed to take the pic.

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